It is a pity that few people realise the role played by the video editor in creating a stunning movie. Until a couple of years ago, only movie producers used the power of videos. However, the scenario has changed drastically in the recent past. Companies -- both large and small -- and individuals alike make use of the video to promote products and services. While the videographer (also referred to as cameraman) creates the raw footage, it is the task of the editor to fine tune it and create the final product. Those unaware of the post production stage of a video hardly knows the vital role the editor plays in the production of an appealing video.

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It is the job of the editor using a special program such as the one coded by joyce software to splice out unwanted

portions of a video and join the remaining parts together to make the final movie. Nowadays, individuals and companies depend on online videos to promote their wares. These movies are short in length and rarely exceed 90 seconds. It has to grab the attention of the viewer in that short span and compel him her to visit the website promoting the product or service. The entire movie process is extremely complicated and requires a team of dedicated professionals. The team first decide a storyline for their project and create an appropriate script. After this, the videographer shoots the movie following the guidelines specified in the script. On specific occasions, an artist creates thousands of images, each slightly different from the other, with the help of animation software. This is required if the client wants an animated video. If required, the movie is shot various times using different angles.

The voice is recorded along with the movie during the making of a normal video. However, this is not possible with animated movies. In such a case, a voiceover artist records the audio separately. In the post production stage, the editor views different portions of the video, removes unnecessary portions, joins the remaining parts and then superimposes the audio on the completed video with a dubbing program, like those sold by Joyce Software. The editing stage is extremely vital, since the audio needs to be synchronised with the video. Therefore, the editor should ensure that he she uses the best software available. While many companies manufacture editing software, few of them provide ease of use, or have robust editing functions, available in editing programs manufactured by Joyce Software. The next time you see an appealing online advertisement movie, you can be sure that it has been edited with the help of Joyce Software. Try it out and see the awesome features it contains that take the pain out of editing a video.